Restorative - Dr Martyn Parry


A range of single tooth to full tooth covered tooth surface restorations are placed in the clinic using mainly tooth coloured restorative materials.

A cuspal cover of a tooth is a replacement of the pointed tip of the enamel of the tooth. A weakened, cracked or missing cusp is commonly restored. There may be 1-5 cusps involved depending on the tooth type and the amount of destruction.

Adjunctive procedures such as titanium pin or glass fibre post placement serve to reinforce and retain a restoration in situations where there is additional crown loss.

Temporary, intermediate and long term fillings are constructed and depend on the state of the tooth and patient requirements.

Tooth coloured resins and porcelains are the principal materials used for restorations. Sometimes precious metals are used for strength in bridges and malleability in some crowns.

Dentistry involves maintenance and improvement of the oral condition that directly affects general health by reducing harmful bacterial distribution in the bloodstream.

—  Dr Parry
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