Prosthetics - Dr Martyn Parry


Prosthetics in the practice relates to dentures. Naturally these are removable and worn full or part time depending on the desires of the patient. The dentures are delicate and must be cared for accordingly and cleaned daily to avoid undesirable plaque build-up when in the mouth.

Partial dentures used to replace missing teeth, often incorporate a cast chrome alloy frame for strength and accuracy, and acrylic gums and teeth. Acrylic partial dentures are useful for interim dentures or an alternative to chrome. They are less expensive but do not have the precision of a chrome denture and may result in compromised treatment

Full dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth. These acrylic dentures can be useful for aesthetics and chewing but have may have limited retention eg.where ridge profiles are not adequate or in the presence of some other oral restraints. This problem can be potentially overcome by placement of locator type implants that press fit to the denture under surface.

The majority of the population now prefer fixed type procedures such as implants and bridges so that the need of having to remove a denture many times daily is avoided.

Dentistry involves maintenance and improvement of the oral condition that directly affects general health by reducing harmful bacterial distribution in the bloodstream.

—  Dr Parry
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