Preventative - Dr Martyn Parry


The oral cavity has the greatest number of bacteria compared to the rest of the body.

Preventive measures in dentistry utilise oral hygiene and dietary advice.

They also include chemical treatment of the tooth surface to allow ion exchange and recharging of a depleted tooth structure.  This treatment creates less sensitivity and tooth wear.

The simplest type of filling, the fissure sealant uses flowable resin that is placed into the grooves and crevices of the tooth surface enamel that is made larger by plaque acid attack. Sealing them in this way prevents decay progressing deeper into the tooth structure.

Regular use of mouth rinses, tooth pastes and cleaning aids clean and maintain the mouth in a preventive way.

Developments in bioengineered products further enhance and maintain oral health and thereby avoid intervention.

People vary in their plaque attack susceptibility because of, genetics affecting tooth structure, salivary flow and pH buffering capacity, age and dietary intake. We all do however have to work consistently at plaque prevention.

Dentistry involves maintenance and improvement of the oral condition that directly affects general health by reducing harmful bacterial distribution in the bloodstream.

—  Dr Parry
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