Implants - Dr Martyn Parry


Dental implants now have greater acceptance in the population due to their fixed nature. The additional clinical benefit of bone preservation is due to the load bearing forces from chewing via the implant.

Medical history and health are crucial in the overall detailed planning of implant therapy.

Gum position and profiles are an integral part of implant planning along with adequate bone volume to keep the Implant biologically supported. Where bone profile or volume is inadequate, grafting and or ridge splitting is used to increase the amount of bone available for the implant and allow a better soft tissue appearance.

Placement of implants cannot violate biologic principals and loading must not be premature to avoid a potential failure. Typically treatment can take 3 -12 months for full implant integration and aesthetics to occur.

Care of implants is similar to natural teeth, using brushing and flossing techniques around the implant.

Clinical follow-up of implants is life-long by using inspection and x-rays to assess health of the site.

Overloading of an integrated implant by heavy bite forces can lead to failure, just like a normal tooth so protection of the area is warranted

Dentistry involves maintenance and improvement of the oral condition that directly affects general health by reducing harmful bacterial distribution in the bloodstream.

—  Dr Parry
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