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Gum health

Gums are adjacent to teeth and afford health and aesthetics to these regions. Unfortunately some bacteria colonise on teeth to release toxins that destroy bone, ligament, soft tissue and blood vessels. No holes are created and the condition is mainly painless. However we lose bone around the teeth, get inflamed and altered shaped gums, loosened teeth, possible root canal infection and odorous breath.

Much satisfaction is to be gained by overcoming or modifying gum disease. It can be however, difficult to correct because the advanced bacterial damage is often irreversible and some oral habits are difficult to modify.

Mild to moderate gum infections are usually reversible and provide excellent outcomes when treated

Infected gums allow bacteria to enter the blood stream and affect general health. This outcome provides a critical reason to treat and optimise gum conditions.

Gums are treated conservatively and at 6- 12 monthly intervals by teeth scaling, root planing and polishing.  Bone heights and gum contours can be modified  and brought back to health by gum surgery usually resulting in some loss of height, but modern advances in bone grafting and soft tissue build up are allowing us to correct some of these defects that heal toward the original heights and contours.

Dentistry involves maintenance and improvement of the oral condition that directly affects general health by reducing harmful bacterial distribution in the bloodstream.

—  Dr Parry
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